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    Strategie Strategie HMC - Klassische Beratungsgesellschaft  

The area Strategy is based on the formulation of strategies. In this area, we mainly work for medium-sized companies. The foundation of the analysis is always a market analysis based on facts, which will be used for the assessment of market possibilities and, in consequence, will be used for the development of corporate strategies. A well-founded method is to arrange strategy workshops in which main parts of the management will take part in. Due to the participation of as many managers as possible a high precision of the chosen strategy will be achieved as well as a higher degree of the involved manager’s commitment. All in all this will increase the chance to perform a successful realisation of the strategy chosen.

in detail we operate in the following areas:

  • Market analysis
  • Product and market strategies
  • Business area strategies
  • Co-operations & mergers
  • New market trends / products
  • New business models / business concepts
  • Balanced Score Card (BSC) introductions
  • Internationalisation / decisions on plant locations
  • Project management
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